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  • contact: Thierry Vieville

Title: Algorithms for modeling the visual system: From natural vision to numerical applications

Overview. The design of artificial sensory systems has evolved in parallel to our knowledge on biological systems. Although the field of engineering can take advantage of sensory biological solutions discovered in nature, only recently some bioinspired solutions for visual applications have emerged. In the last years and with the advent of new neural acquisition methods and theoretical frameworks a better understanding of the neural coding process - from physical signals to neural networks - has emerged (Simoncelli and Olshausen 2001, Hemmen and Sejnowski 2006). More particularly, a recent description in the retina of non-standard ganglion cells types, beside a complex repertoire of standard ganglion cells responses in front of natural stimulus convey important questions about the real, early processing capacity of the retina. This leads to revisit both the neural coding of the information the eye is sending to the brain, and also sheds light to engineering applications from the understanding of such encoding, as detailed in the sequel. At the modeling level, retinal cells are mainly formalized using a LN (Linear spatio-temporal filtering followed by a static Con-linear ns from lgineer),ite-le emaortant queftion of the-standard ganls responses in tanoe forertponer an theh encadelingass='vhis lealeathu betchel tr r delet, rop emaoanovvesANRp://' >

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    5/a> IntC-AmSud project BAVI<

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    • contact: ThiDomiue conMificnezli>

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    • contact: ThiDomiue conMificnezli>

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    • contact: ThiBatioganGirauli>

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    • contact: Thierry Vieviéle

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    14/a> Int Ministry grant COMAC “Optimized multitechnique control of aeronautic composite structures”<
    • contact: ThiLaur { mBougn, ali>

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    15/a> Intion Modeling, Simulation and Interaction of the CPER<
    • contact: ThiHiewéiFrezza-Buetli>

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    • contact: ThiDomiue conMificnezli>

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    • contact: ThiLaur { mBougn, ali>

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    • contact: ThiThonln Voegtl ali>

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