STIC-AmSud project, starting meeting

Wednesday 22 april

 5pm : welcome meeting
       team introductions (25mn each)
 5h20  LIRINS      (R. Acevedo)
 5h50  Dep. Ing. Biomédica (R. Salas)
            Grupo INCA - UTFSM (H. Allende-Cid)
 6h20  CORTEX      (F. Alexandre)

Thursday 23 April


Friday 24 April


Monday 27 april

  Participant introductions (20-25mn each)
    9h00  LIRINS visit
  10h00  O. Yañez Suarez
  10h30  G. Gentiletti
  11h00  break
  11h15  R. Acevedo (by Gabriel)
  11h45  C. Tabernig
  12h15  Lunch
  14h00  R. Salas
  14h45  H. Allende-Cid
  15h15  Pablo Roncagliolo & Stéren Chabert   
  16h00  Break
  16h15  L. Bougrain : Neural information processing
  16h45  A. Hutt : Mutual phase synchronization in single data sets (by L. Bougrain)
  17h15  F. Alexandre : Modelling cerebral information flow with neural fields
  17h45  Discussion

Tuesday 28

  Technical talks (45mn each)

  9h00  R. Salas : Denoising P300: fuzzyNN for EP by Ben Dayan 
  9h45  R. Acevedo  : Wavelet (& temporal) features: Resultados preliminares
  10h30 break
  10h45 G. Gentiletti : Support Vector Machine for P300 detection
  11h30 L. Bougrain : single-trial detection

  Project planning (afternoon)

  Approach ?
  Experiment &Plateform ?
  Database ? 

Wednesday 29 april

   Project planning

   Refining the project
    P300-speller recordings ?